Product Code Number

Structure of a WELQUEEN Model Number

  • Model numbers for WELQUEEN products contain a series code, followed by a dash, and series of letters and numbers.
  • WELQUEEN model numbers have a "W" in front of the series code. The "W" may not be included on certain product labels and when stamped onto the product itself.
  • Variation code following the series code represent a series, style, or variation.
    "A" means BasinΒ FaucetΒ 
    "B" means Kitchen Faucet
    "C" means Shower Faucet
    "D" means Bathtub Faucet
    "E" means Bathroom Accessories
    "F" means Other Accessories
  • Numbers following the variation code indicate the product number, different product has different number.
  • Letters at the end, after the base numberΒ indicate the product color or finish.For example,"CP" signifies a polished chrome finish for a faucet."BL" means Black.

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