How To Install a Shower Column Set for Your Bathroom

How To Install a Shower Column Set for Your Bathroom

Thank you for reading the installation as below before install.

Important Note

We do not recommend dismantling the internal parts of the mixer. All mixers have been individually factory tested and assembled to give the best performance.

It is important to flush out the supply pipes before installing the shower set, regardless of whether a shop valve and filter have been installed or not. This procedure will stop foreign objects from entering the shower column or diverter.

Simple shower set

1. Fit the Brass Connector to the water supply from the wall and tighten it by a spanner . Please BE SURE that there are 3 O-ring on the Brass Connector and DO NOT wipe the oil on it.

2. Put the Back Cover to the Brass Connector.

3. Loosen the two screws from Shower Body by Allen Key. Then Put the Shower Body to the Brass Connector and push it to the end.

4. Adjust the Shower Body and make it straight then tighten the two Screws by Allen Key.

5. Install the Top Shower and Hand Shower and hose. (Finish)