High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Faucet | Brass Wall Mounted Shower Faucet | Bathroom Rain Shower Combo Set

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Pressure Balance Valve Cartridges(Anti-Scald)

The pressure balance valve chamber monitors the water pressure balance to protect you from scald due to sudden changes in the pressure of hot or cold water.

For example, when someone is taking a shower and other people may be using cold water in the kitchen,.Pressure balance valve detects changes in the cold water pressure, it will automatically reduce the hot water pressure, so that the hot/cold water pressure is kept balanced. In this process, the temperature of the water will change by no more than a few degrees. You can hardly feel the temperature change and are kept free from scalding.

Shower Mixer Valve Control(contain pressure balancer)


1.Corrosion-resistant: Made of brass, keep bright and fresh after long use.

2.Best HANDFEEL: Switch just the right resistance, accurate induction feedback to you.

3.Precise control: Uniform changes in water temperature.

Brass Shower Arm


1. Easy to Install: G 1/2'' connectors, No adapters required.

2.Durable: Made of brass, strong and reliable quality.

3.Customizable: If you need a longer shower arm, please let me know.

Air pressurization:

With the adoption of innovative air injection technology, even in low water pressure installations, the 8-inch raining sprinkler mixes water with air to increase the water pressure to 2.5GPM, and simulates the natural raining to provide you with natural contact of water experience.

Brass Shower Bracket Holder


1.Optional rotation: adjust to your most comfortable Angle.

2.Good material: Brass Shower holder, durable to use.

PVC shower hose of ultra high intensity is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and knot.

3.Good damping:Provide good stability for fixed hand shower head.

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